Today I had a medical termination

By anonymous on 14/12/2010
Today I had a medical abortion, and after reading other women's accounts on this (very helpful) website - I wanted to share my experience in the hope it might help someone else.
I was 7 weeks pregnant. About 24 hours before I took the second tablet, I took the first tablet. This had no effect on me. I went to work, and carried on with my life. I did feel very weepy on and off - but I think this was just the sheer nature of going through this kind of procedure. But if anything, I had less morning sickness than I had done, and the fact that the decision was made did make me self assured and oddly relieved.
When I woke up the next morning (this morning) I felt very nauseous, and I had diarrhoea.

I felt very emotional when I arrived at the clinic

I put this down to a combination of anxiety, the first tablet I took and the "morning" sickness I'd been feeling on and off for two weeks previously. Again, I felt very emotional - especially when I arrived at the clinic.
I'm very fortunate that my family were expectionally supportive and took me to and from the clinic.
If you can, please make sure someone stays with you throughout your experience of the second tablet. My experience was made better for this.
As advised by a nurse over the phone the night before, I took 2 paracetemol an hour before my appointment. She did advise NOT to wait until the pain hits. The nurse I saw before I took the tablet was amazing and I couldn't praise her more highly.
As I was upset, she didn't rush me, she gave me plenty of time to answer mine and my mum's questions, and was very comforting.
At the end she said, "after this is all over, move on". This may sound harsh in writing, but these words have stayed with me since she said them as a great support.
I was then given 4 tablets - and put two in each side of my mouth. These were to stay there for 30 minutes, when I was to drink down the residue with a glass of water. As I had been sick that morning I asked the question: what if I throw up after I've taken the tablets. She assured me in the majority of cases, enough is already absorbed to make the termination continue.
When I got home, I immediately changed into my comfortable pyjamas. My parents made me a cup of tea and I lay in bed and waited for the pain. Within half an hour, I slowly started to get period-like pains. These lasted for an hour or so. I took painkillers at the prescribed times and held a hotwater bottle to my tummy. I started to bleed very slowly. I panicked that the bleeding wasn't enough and that my vomiting had caused them not to work.

Within two hours of taking the second lots of tablets the real pain began

. This was excrutiating. Period-like in the sense that it's in a similar place, but unlike in that no warm drinks, hot water bottles or position I lay/stood/sat/knelt in helped (although I did use all these methods). This level of pain came in waves on and off for 3/4 hours (probably lasting an hour in total)I vomited around 5 times, but very little blood came. I was lucky that I knackered myself out enough to sleep for an hour. When I woke up, my stomach pain was much lighter (like regular period pain) I went to the loo when I felt a need for something to gush. I could feel the clots/products pass out of me.

I cried from exhaustion and relief.

The bleeding has continued like this for around five hours and is continuing with this same light level of discomfort (GREATLY helped by tea, sympathy and hot water bottles) On reflection, and from other people's experiences, I wouldn't opt for this option if I were to advise someone else.
Since I was so early in the pregnancy, I would have opted for the surgical 2-3 minute procedure. However, I scared myself half to death reading people's accounts the night before mine and I have to say - you survive. It's not pleasant. I wouldn't choose to do it this way should I need to again. But I got through it, and the most intense pain (dreadful and awful though it was) subsides and isn't constant for the whole experience. I genuinely feel that my ride was made slightly easier for being very prepared.
Firstly, my parents who were there for me throughout. (But offered privacy when I needed it). As well as the following: - Hot water bottles - Paracetemol and Ibruprofen - Comfy clothes - Somewhere comfortable to lie down - A bowl to be sick in when on the loo - Super strength sanitary towels - Dry crackers/rich tea biscuits - Hot and cold water, and cups of tea - Lots of loo roll - Clean underwear - Cold flannels.

It takes an emotional toll

I'm also fortunate that the emotional "should I do this?" side was not a massive issue for me - so the pain was my main focus. Although - I wouldn't be human if I didn't say it takes an emotional toll Whatever you choose to do, take all the support you can and know that all these stories you read - all these women are well enough to share their experience. I hope yours is safe and healthy.

Editor's Comment

I'm glad you had so much support during the second stage of your abortion. It must be very frightening to go through the procedure alone, and as you say, knowing what to expect does help although everyone's experience is different. It sounds as though you felt very sure when you made your decision, and for many people they need help to think through their options and get all the information about them.I hope that you are beginning to feel stronger emotionally, but remember that there is always help at the ned of a telephone helpline 0300 4000 999, or advisors to support you in a local centre.

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