Two experiences of medical abortions

By anonymous on 20/03/2011
Two experiences I have had with Medical Abortions.
I will safely assume that you already know the procedure for this type of abortion so I will simply dive straight in with the details, the reason I am sharing this is because both my stories are completely different.
I was 19 when I had my first one, I felt fine after having the first tablet and then returned 48 hours later for the other four that had to be inserted, I then left to go home. I was not told of quite how much pain I could possibly endure and on the way home I began to cramp so I took two co-codomol tablets, however I think it was too late.

For 5 hours after this I was in HORRIFIC pain.

I have never experienced pain anywhere near what I had, it was just excruciating, my boyfriend had to press a hot water bottle on me with all his force for that whole duration of time because I was crying, wriggling in pain and it just lasted for so, so long. I then passed all the products of pregnancy and felt much better. But I cannot describe that level of pain, it was just so, so horrible. I did not vomit though luckily.
Right, now the 2nd time was today, I'm now almost 21 and unfortunately this had befallen me again.

Obviously because of my last experience I have been TERRIFIED.

Crying to my boyfriend everyday, nervous, worried, because of the level of pain I was about to endure. So again I took the first tablet no problem, then the next four. However an hour before they inserted the tablets I took two ibuprofens, when I got home I took two co-codomols and one more ibuprofen, got my hot water bottle and waited. And waited.
Over the next 6 hours, I had no pain. At all. I had the mildest of cramps everynow and then but they would last for no more then ten minutes and then subside when I passed some products of the pregnancy. But as I say, they were so mild they were barely noticable, I was playing card games with my boyfriend just to keep myself amused.

So I was worried, crying, and everything for nothing.

My 2nd experience has been the polar opposite and I am so thankful for it. It hasn't hurt at all. But I have definitely passed the products as I have to keep popping to the loo every half hour because you can feel it, but it's really nothing. I was only 6 weeks gone so the clots were no bigger then 50p pieces.
I also took one co-codomol two hours later, then another two hours after that, just to stay on the painkillers as I didn't want it to suddenly hit. So there you have it. It can be horrible, or somehow, it can be just fine! That first time, was just unbearable. Really traumatic. But this second time has been brilliant so I definitely advise to take the tablets if they give you them. They also gave me an anti-sickness tablet which I took just beforehand but I don't think it did much, I didn't feel sick from the last time anyway, or this time.

Editor's Comment

It is helpful to hear that you had 2 such different experiences. I hope you won't find yourself in this position again because it can be difficult for you emotionally even if you are relieved that physically it was so much easier.

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