I'm 14 and I had a surgical abortion

By anonymous on 10/05/2011
I'm 14 and 12 days ago I had a surgical abortion.
I had been with my boyfriend around 5 months when I found out I was pregnant, we had been having unprotected sex. I had a feeling I would be pregnant, as I had missed my period and felt different within my self. I told my boyfriend I may be pregnant and he told me that whatever I decided was right for myself and he would stick by me, and help me through everything.

I think I knew straight away that I wanted an abortion.

Before the whole situation, I was one of them people who knew nothing about abortion and thought it was morally WRONG, my opinion completely changed when I was in this situation.
I decided I wouldn't tell my parents or any family about my pregnancy, but I told my bestfriend and she was supportive.
I went to a local Brook Clinic with my bestfriend and spoke to two women, who explained everything to me, and gave me lots of leaflets explaining abortions, the different procedures and after care + contraception. I was also asked to take a urine sample to test for STIs.
The next friday I had an appointment at the hospital which I went to with my friend, during this appointment I was again asked various questions and was spoken to a lot. I also had to have a scan to see how many weeks I was, and I was 7 1/2 weeks at this time.
The doctor gave me a decision of medical or surgical abortion, I chose surgical, as I thought it would be the easier method.
During the day at the hospital I got very upset and had to ring my friends mum,who I trusted and explained everything to her.

I decided to tell my mum, this seemed to me the best idea.

Advice to anybody considering an abortion PLEASE tell a family member/adult who you can trust. I know what you're thinking, I was thinking exactly the same as you, but it makes everything easier for you, which is the most important thing at the minute.
On Wednesday 13th April 2011, I went to 'Day Case Surgery' at my local hospital. As I am 14 I was allowed my mum into the ward with me, but if you are over 18, you have to go in alone.
I went into the ward and sat down, not long after a woman came in who took my blood pressure and checked I was OK. Then she insterted vaginal tablets to loosen the neck of my womb, to make the procedure easier. After this I took two medicines, and then shortly after was took for the anaesthetic, I remember the Doctor giving me the anaesthetic then the next thing I remember is waking up on a ward, and being asked if I was OK by another nurse.
After this I was took back to the orginal ward where my mum was waiting for me. Before I could go home I had to have 4 tablets to prevent me from getting infections, as my body was prone to them. After the tablets I was asked to have a cup of tea, a drink of water and some toast, to make sure my body was ready to eat and drink. After this I was asked to go to the toilet, to check my body was ready for this too. Then I was allowed to go home.
Advice to anybody considering abortion: MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR GETTING YOURSELF INTO. I know that I don't regret having an abortion, as it was my choice and I don't feel ready for a baby at my age, but all people are different and do not feel pressured into anything! Make sure you speak to who you need to speak to. I still feel awful about what I have done, though I don't regret it. For obvious reasons. Also because of what other people had to say on websites and disgusting comments or pictures that are posted. Try not to let these bother you, aslong as you know its the right decision for you, nobody can change that.

Editor's Comment

You have been through a difficult time for someone of 14 and I am glad that you were able to tell your mum in the end so that she could support you. It is interesting that your views changed about abortion when you found your self in this situation. Hopefully you have now got some reliable contracetion sorted out so that you don't have another unplanned pregnancy. If you ever feel that you need more help or support please get in contact with us.You can call the national helpline 0300 4000 999, log on to Online advisor, or follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area.

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