An abortion for fetal abnormality

My experience of abortion is quite different to many other women, because the pregnancy was not viable. The fetus had anencephally (spina bifida of the skull) which meant that because the skull had not formed properly the brain was re-absorbed.
Because I wanted to continue the pregnancy I found the experience emotionally hard, but physically I was fine.
I was given an injection, fell asleep, and when I woke up I had moderate cramp like period pain relieved with pain killers.
It certainly hasn't effected my fertility as I now have a daughter. Like I said my experience was different because my options were; abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth. My sister had an early termination and she's fine so in my opinion it doesn't always affect women emotionally.

Editor's Comment

I can imagine it was incredibly hard to find out that your pregnancy was not viable. It is good that you have gone on to have your daughter without any problems. I agree that for some women there seem to be no obvious affects from their abortion, but it is important to weigh this up with the increasing number of stories written about emotional problems women have experienced. This is why it is really important to receive counselling before making your decision so that you can think through all the issues and make an informed choice.

This story was sent in on 15/08/2011

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