We opted for the medical abortion

By anonymous on 02/05/2012
When I found out I was pregnant, I was in complete shock. I am 21 and really not at all prepared for a child although having a supportive partner of many years, there are a number of things I would like to do before having a child.

We opted for the medical abortion via Marie Stopes clinic. When I went in I had to have an ultrasound scan to be sure I was under 9 weeks. They said I was there just in time as I was very close to 9 weeks. (A surgical termination not being an option for me). They took a photo of the ultrasound and the nurse popped out of the room for a minute, leaving the photo face down on the desk. I couldn't help myself and had a little peek. Just relieved what I saw didn't resemble a little person.

I took the first pill at the centre and was told to dissolve the next 4 in my mouth 24 hours later. They also provided me with some pain medication to take during that first night. I did not experience any pain at all during that first 24 hours after the first pill.

The time came for me to dissolve the 4 pills. I took a dose of Nurofen before I started to dissolve the pills (Which were tasteless). Before the pills had finished dissolving I had already started experiencing cramps, when the pills had completely dissolved the pain was getting extreme. Wondering when the Nurofen would kick in, I went and had a shower (usually helps my cramps). I was in a world of pain, I threw up repeatedly in the shower, and was bleeding like I have never bled before. I struggled out of the shower, doubling over in pain. Crawled back to my pain killer stash and popped out 2 panadeine fortes. I then hopped in bed and curled into a ball.

I tried to distract myself with a movie and eventually the pain faded and I dozed off. When I awoke however it was round 2. I took another 2 panadeine forte, but these seemed to take forever to work. I was on the ground curled up, rocking back and forth pleading for the pain to stop. All of a sudden I sat up a bit, and I felt something drop out of me. The pain almost vanished, when I went to the bathroom it was just a smallish liquid blood clot. I took some more medicine and I lay in bed again.

I did not sleep much that night, not because I was in pain. But because I was not used to bleeding that much and I was not comfortable enough to sleep. The next day I was fine, though still bleeding.

One day later I started having lower back pain and a mild cramp that just would not go away. It continued for about 2 days, then I was walking around at the shops and I just stopped walking and what felt like something HUGE drop out of me, and my back pain and cramps were gone. I went to the bathroom, and I saw this large clot/sac thing the size of 2 golf balls. I just knew this was the sac. I just sat there for a minute looking at it on a piece of toilet paper. It was surreal. I was just stunned. I flushed it away.

Its been 2 days after the sac came out. I feel relieved. I feel like I am myself again. It was one hell of an ordeal. But I am pretty sure if I could do it again I would choose the same option. I am content with my choice. As painful as it was, I just know in my heart, it was the right thing to do.

Editor's Comment

Thank you for describing your experience at a Marie Stopes clinic which was helpful as it differs from the procedure at some of the other clinics and hospitals.
The experience did sound very painful for you, but as you say it is comforting to feel that you still made the right decision despite what you went through.

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