I am 19 and had a medical abortion today at 7 weeks

By anonymous on 17/05/2012
I am 19 and had a medical abortion today at 7 weeks and I was utterly terrified due to the horror stories I read online. I know why health professionals hate you reading about medical things online! Makes you a nervous wreck!

I had my first pill on Tuesday (15th May 2012) and felt no symptoms, a few little odd cramps but nothing that required painkillers or attention.

Today (17th) I went up to my local hospital for my abortion at 9am. I was given 4 tablets to insert into my vagina. It felt a bit weird walking around after that as I could feel them til they melted! I had no cramps until 4 hours later around 1pm and even then, they just felt like diarrhoea cramps. I asked the nurse for some paracetamol just in case they developed. I started bleeding lightly at 1:15pm and full on about ten mins later. I stood up and felt as though I had wet myself. So I ran to the toilet and the blood just came gushing out, it wasn't painful, just awkward as it went everywhere. I passed out a big clump (well at least I thought it was) and it wasn't painful at all, just a kind of weird feeling! I took the bedpan over to the nurse and she said "the worst of it is over, you just passed the sac" I looked at her in disbelieve! I thought that part would have been agony and other girls on the ward had been trying to physically push the sac out after bleeding for hours and nothing but clots coming out. I did cry when she told me, it was more relief though. I had a 2 and a half week wait for this abortion and it felt like 2 yrs.

After that my cramps went down a lot and just came back about every 5 or 10 mins and some big clots passed. I looked this time as I knew I had passed the sac now so I wasn't scared of what I would seen.

After going to the toilet a few more times, the nurses decided I could be discharged but gave me an injection because my blood group is AB-.

Its about 4 hours since I got discharge and I had some diarrhoea but it wasn't painful, just very annoying! I still have some cramps now and again but to be honest, they are 3-10 at most. 3-10 is the highest I would rate all the pain of the day and I never had strong painkillers and I am a scaredy cat when it comes to pain!

I honestly don't feel as though I had an abortion today, I feel as though I just started a period. I even went for a walk when I got home and ate a chippie! Plan to have a wee drink too tonight while I cuddle in watching a movie.

I was adamant about writing about my experience once it was over as I know how scary it is having an abortion, especially the waiting for one!

Editor's Comment

It sounds as though the experience you had was easy and straight forward. It seems to vary enormously from person to person how much pain you feel, but you were lucky you felt very little pain or discomfort.

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