I took the decision to terminate the pregnancy.

On Saturday 19th December I found I had a pregnancy of 4wks and 4days a v v v faint positive line on the test strip. On Sunday I took the decision to terminate the pregnancy because of 2 previous c sections.. one was 4 month later .. so I took the decision to take 4 misoprostal orally. After taking the medicine I had sharp pains but I did not bleed until I took the 2nd dose of misoprostal. Then I went to the wash room and felt like passing a clot in the comod - not sure about this? then I bled for 2 days i.e sunday and monday. On tuesday it was just spotting and on wednesday afternoon I felt a sharp pain and then passed a small clot of 1 cm wide with a little bleeding ... there is no one to help me I feel so much alone and depressed. I know I have done the wrong thing but it is good for my family.. I'm still unsure about the termination of pregnancy because I didn't experience any heavy bleeding or huge clots .. plz can anyone tell me is this ok for me to bleed for 2 days ?? is my abortion completed or should I go for a surgical abortion ??

Editor's Comment

If you have taken the medical abortion drugs at home, you should always have a follow-up appointment to check that the abortion is complete. I am not sure whether a health professional has monitored this procedure, but you should see a doctor to check if the abortion is complete. The danger of having retained products is that you could end up with a womb infection.
This story was sent in on 23/01/2013

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I continue to struggle with the decision I made which was uninformed & unsupported.


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