I had a medical abortion 7 months ago.

By anonymous on 23/03/2013
Didn't know whether to put this under abortion, crisis pregnancy or teenage pregnancy because it's all 3.

I had a medical abortion 7 months ago. I was in agony for 2 weeks. It was a horrible experience and I knew I never wanted to go through it again.
I left the clinic with the pill but that didn't work for me and I went on the depo injection. I've been on that for 6 months, I was supposed to get my injection but forgot to go. I went on Thursday to get it and was told I couldn't as it was 15 weeks from the last one, and there's a chance I could be pregnant. I have to wait three weeks now before I can find out.

I feel awful because there's no one else to blame but myself. I had my first abortion because I knew I wasn't ready, too young, was about to start university, and I hadn't been with my boyfriend long. I haven't said anything to him yet because I don't want to worry him. I don't want to have another abortion but I know I'm not ready to be a mum yet.

I don't know if it's because I'm being paranoid but my breasts are really tender, I need to go to the loo more often and I have awful backache. In that one week where the depo injection had worn off I could've got pregnant. There's no point in me buying a pregnancy test yet as I know it will be negative.

It's going to be the longest 3 weeks of my life!

Editor's Comment

That is the downside of the Depo injection that you have to remember to have in done every 12 weeks, and it's easy to lose track of the date unless you have it in a diary or calender. Please contact us if you need support from your previous abortion, or if you want a pregnancy centre to do the test for you.for support around unprotected sex.

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