I had a medical abortion at 9 weeks earlier today.

I had a medical abortion at 9 weeks earlier today. I already have 2 young sons aged just 4 and 14 months and so I was not ready to have a 3rd baby. My partner was very supportive and felt exactly the same way. After reading some of the stories on the net I was extremely nervous about the procedure even though I've given birth naturally twice before with only gas and air for pain relief. I found the procedure much less painful than I had worried about. After about an hour of having the 4 pills inserted vaginally the pain was like fairly strong period pains or very early labour pains but nothing more. The foetus and placenta passed with no pain. Just a slightly odd sensation a bit like delivering the placenta after a normal birth. I didn't need any pain relief whatsoever and wouldn't say I have a particularly high pain threshold. As long as you are well prepared and try to keep as calm and relaxed as possible, the pain is easily manageable. I was also relieved to find that I could not identify any part of the foetus (even though I chose to look) as it was my natural reaction. The bleeding is now like a heavy period but my overwhelming feeling is of relief and although it was not an easy decision to go through with the termination, I know it was right for me and my young family at this time.

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Thanks for describing your experience of medical abortion. I hope you make a good recovery and please contact CareConfidential if you need any post abortion support. You can call the national helpline, log on to Online advisor, or follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area.

This story was sent in on 16/07/2013

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