Thirty years ago I reluctantly had a termination.

By anonymous on 15/09/2013
Lifeline Testimonial

Thirty years ago I reluctantly had a termination. The father told me that "he could not help me" and I felt too frightened to tell my parents and try and cope with a baby on my own. Afterwards, I tried to comfort myself with the thought that I had made a mistake but I would go on to have children later on. I also threw myself into my career as a way of feeling in control and pushing down my despair. I felt I was a "bad person" and this led to poor relationships, low self-esteem and binge drinking.

Sadly life did not go to plan and I did not go on to have a family. In my forties I had a major depression and suffered chronic migraines. I felt a failure and very much alone. Despite having counselling I could not work out what was troubling me so much.

By chance I found out about Lifeline

Rightly named as it is a total lifeline! After just one session I could see that all of my problems were rooted in the fact that I had never really accepted the choice I made 30 years ago.
The process we went through called **"The Journey"** was unique as it helped me understand the choice I made as a young girl. Through the 10 sessions I came to forgive myself and let go of all the shame and guilt that had been burdening my life. The counsellor was fantastic and I would urge anyone suffering in silence as I did to take the free help that Lifeline offer.

Even just three months after finishing the course I have more energy, suffer far fewer migraines and I feel happy and optimistic! I finally have stopped dragging the past into my future. I can't thank Lifeline enough and I am happy to share with others and help them let go of the hidden anguish having a termination can cause.

Editor's Comment

This story is very encouraging; even after such a long time there is hope and a chance to bring healing to the pain you experienced all those years ago. I am so glad that you found the help and support at Reading Lifeline and wish you all the best in your new life.

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