Today I had the second part of my medical abortion

By anonymous on 29/01/2014
So today I had the second part of my medical abortion.
My abortion was due to the fact my partner and I are still in Uni and living with family and also unable to financially support a baby. I can't say whether I had a positive or negative experience, it was just an experience. One which I still cannot quite process I actually went through.
The first app I had was at the abortion clinic which was my consultation and they were very helpful and supportive in preparing me for what I was going to go through. I felt like I had a good circle of support with my partner there as well as the nurse.
Next, just over a week later I had an appointment with the nurse at the hospital and I took the first pill which I vomited twice and had to take 3 times before I could keep it down. For some reason the pill didn't agree with me and I felt really tired, exhausted and weak. When I went for my second app two days later I went at around 10am. I got told to insert four tablets in my vagina and two bullet shaped tablets in my back passage. It wasn't sore, only slightly uncomfortable. I had to lie down for an hour to allow it to work and my partner stayed with me. About an hour after I started cramping quite badly and passing blood clots which I had to leave in the bed pans until I was in excruciating pain to the point I was shaking and breaking out in cold sweat. At this point I passed the sac and the 4 tablets came out also. I could tell it was the sac as it looked and had felt bigger as it was passing, it also was a lighter colour and more lumpy looking. After this the pain subdued. To which the nurse gave me more antibiotics and sent me home. I was still feeling sick and slightly sore but this calmed down when I rested and used a hot water bottle. Hope my experience helps someone out there!!

Editor's Comment

Thanks for your post about your medical abortion. It sounds as though you are still coming to terms with what you have been through and that is quite normal. I think you allow yourself to process things at a rational level, and perhaps later on your thoughts and emotions about the experience will start to surface.
If you need any post abortion support it is available. for post abortion support.

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