I had a medical abortion at about 7 weeks.

I never wanted to tell anyone this story as I suppose I am ashamed of myself (ourselves) for getting into the situation in the first place. But if I think I can help someone who has to make this terrible decision one day, then I will share my experience. I'm not going to go into the ins and outs of why this had to happen, however I consider myself lucky to be in a safe and loving relationship where the decision was mutual although extremely heart breaking. Having read some of the stories online I was terrified.

However this website was the most balanced and therefore the place where I wanted to share my story.

I had a medical abortion at about 7 weeks. I took the first pills on Wednesday and went home- I was fine no bleeding a little cramping but nothing at all to bother me. On Friday I went in to the hospital to have the second set of pills. Took 2 at about 8am dissolved on my tongue ( nobody mentioned this but my mouth hurt afterwards- sort of ached). The bleeding started shortly after this. Again cramps like a heavy period.
It wasn't until about 10am that I felt I needed painkillers. I went for a walk around the hospital, the at about 10:45 I had cramps and felt like I needed a poo. I went to the toilet and pooed and passed a large clot. Flushed without looking. At 11:00 I had 2 more pills - again dissolved on my tongue. After this there was a constant pain which was eased by pain relief. At about 12:15 they scanned me and told me it was done. (I am in France) In all honesty although painful and messy it was not unbearable in anyway. Please take heart from this. If you can - spend the rest of the day relaxed, I had some jobs to do- we run our own business- and had family visiting so I had to put on a very brave face as we had told no one. Painkillers have helped as has my amazing husband. I already have 2 children and one is still a baby so maybe this is why it wasn't so painful for me.
The pain has come and gone and took me a little by surprise on Saturday lunchtime as I thought it was all ok, painkillers and a nap sorted me out.

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Thanks for sharing your experience of a medical abortion.

This story was sent in on 22/02/2014

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