Hyperemesis in pregnancy

By anonymous on 02/03/2014
I was 27 when I fell pregnant to my then partner of 4 years- the pregnancy was discovered by accident after continual visits to the local GP - who was convinced I had a virus, it was a sales girl in a chemist that suggested I may be pregnant.
By this stage I had been throwing up and unable to work for 3 weeks. I returned to the GP and asked for a blood test which he initially said was unnecessary someone throwing up so continually could not be pregnant it must be a virus, eventually he agreed and a few days later confirmed I was in fact pregnant.

My partner and I discussed the situation and our own and my on going illness which seemed to have no treatment and decided to terminate the pregnancy as it turned out I had miscarriage several hours before the surgery.

Fast forward to 2011 and my new partner and I fall pregnant, this time I know I may get sick and tell him of this and explain to the doctor as well- who laughs and says you'll be fine - I wasn't fine and found myself again in the hands of medical staff without any knowledge of HG - my partner seeing I was unable to walk and noting I was now unable to form any sentence nor drink took me to hospital where I was told "you'll be fine, a bit of fluid and you'll be back at work tomorrow"- well I was back home that evening but the benefits of the fluids were wearing off by midnight and severe abdominal pain and vomiting had started again- in the end my partner made the decision to end the situation realising that there was no medical support and my health was now in dire straights. Those three weeks resulted in me losing 24kgs in weight with my BMI down to 9. We went to the specialist following this who assured us that she could provide expert care and a team of specialists to guide us from day one of the pregnancy- so we decide to try again- this time we had guaranteed help!!!, well that promise was empty - in 2013 we discover we are pregnant - we call the specialist as we had been told to do and were told that there was no appointment available for 4 months- my partner went to the specialists office and sat for 4hrs - the specialist refused to see him however did make an appointment for the next day - however despite seeing my blood counts skyrocketing said she was not concerned- three days later I was bleeding, unable to take any fluids and vomiting constantly - this time tearing the lining of my throat and diaphragm and again my partner had to make the decision to stop the pregnancy - this time I lost 10kgs in 9 days. At this point we decided to call it a day - life would be without children and we would accept this and move on, however our new doctor provided hope with a new specialist - with a thorough understanding of HG - now we are pregnant (2014) he is unavailable and going on holidays and has suggested I take plenty of ginger and fluids!!! My husband and I don't dare to be excited by this pregnancy - I am this time wanting to enjoy the thought and feelings of the life inside me for a moment - before the HG starts. My biggest question why must the so called specialists promise such things and then fail to deliver - it seems that I am nothing more than a guinea pig for trial medications and theories- meanwhile I remember each lost birthday of my babies that I couldn't give a life too.

Editor's Comment

That is very sad and terrible to hear that you did not get the help and support you needed. Hyperemesis in pregnancy can be very severe and dangerous for your health if you get dehydrated. There are medications you can take which do control this and I am surprised you have not been offered this.

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