I wanted to share my story of a 14 week 4 days medical abortion.

By anonymous on 08/07/2014
I have left my partner of 8 years due to alcoholism and racking up debt in my name. Carrying on with this pregnancy alone with 2 full time jobs was not an option.
I went to my NHS gum clinic on Monday 7th July. They asked a few questions on last period etc. I believed myself to be around 8-9 weeks. I had a shock when they said I was 14wks+3days. They only offered late medical abortion at my hospital.
They had availability for the next day so I took one mifepristone tablet and went home on the Monday.
Tuesday (today) I went back at 7.30am and was shown to a private room which had a bed, tv, chair for relatives (I went alone). I was very shocked and pleased with the care, attention and support I received from the nursing staff. You expect to be treated like some disgusting murderer but they were all amazing!
7.30am- 4 misoprostol tablets vaginally and a pain relief suppository
9am - mild cramps started, they brought round a cup of tea and jug of squash, nurse asked was I in pain and she gave me co-codamol 30/500 x2
11am- 2 misoprostol tablets orally, painkillers were still working well, cup of tea and sandwich given
1pm- pain killers worn off in a lot of pain now, still no bleeding was given 2 more painkillers, these seemed to take forever to work. They offered gas and air or morphine I had to drive home that day providing everything was ok so morphine was not for me. Gas and air really took the edge off was like being drunk. I think I fell asleep at this point.
2pm - 2 misoprostol tablets orally cramps had eased off with all the pain killers.
3.30pm - felt a wierd popping sensation this was water breaking, cramping still bearable 4/10 had the urge to sit on toilet and push a little bit.
4pm - fetus came out, nurse had to cut the cord. They were very dignified and covered everything straight away I was told not to look.
4.30pm - 2 misoprostol tablets orally
5pm - another urge to push a bit, placenta came out.
Was asked to wait 2 hours to make sure bleeding was not to heavy. Cup of tea given.
Was allowed home at 7pm.
currently 11pm still bleeding a bit with mild cramps, like a very heavy period
I hope my story doesn't frighten anyone, I was scared out of my brains this morning, but it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience of a late medical abortion. You had good professional care and that must have been reassuring during a difficult time. for post abortion support.

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