My experience of having a medical abortion

By anonymous on 12/07/2014
I wrote this to tell my experience of having a medical abortion, in the hope to comfort some women who are considering having it, its not a horror story ! Just an honest account. Before taking the doses of either tablet I had a cup of Ginger tea, whether this helped me not to experience side effects I don't know, but maybe something worth considering. Today on the 12/07/2014 at around 12:00 pm , I took my second dose of the medical abortion pills. The day before I had taken the First tablet at a Marie Stopes clinic, when I arrived the nurse was very prompt at seeing me. She sat me down and talked through everything that would happen and then proceeded to do an Ultrasonic of my Uterus , this was one of the worst parts of the whole experience. On the 11/07/2014 I was six weeks and two days pregnant, I felt awful. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I just felt terrible, not because of the pregnancy but because I knew that I just was not ready to be a mother just yet and it was this fact which made me decided to let the Baby go. After the scan I asked the nurse to give me an Anti-Sickness tablet as I was aware that the medication could make you vomit, she was very understanding and gave me it straight away before sending me out for 20 mins to let the tablet kick in. When it came around to taking the first dose of the pill I just couldn't do it, I broke down in tears. My mother was with me throughout and the Nurse was really great about everything, she decided I needed half an hour or so to have a proper think about what it was I wanted to do.

I did not want to terminate the pregnancy

I honestly couldn't see any other way out. My mother just told me that whatever would be would just be and If I took the tablet it would be fine and If I had the baby it would also be fine. I knew what I needed to do, for my sake and the baby's so I took the tablet. Concentrating on why I was making this choice made it much easier. So, after this we drove home and about half an hour later I began having cramps but no bleeding, the cramps were very slight but I took a painkiller just to be on the safe side as the first pill can be enough to induce the Miscarriage to take place. Later that evening my partner came up, we are unfortunate enough to live 50 miles apart. Nothing much more happened, I didn't throw the pill up or feel sick so all was good, I had a few cramps during the night though. Then this morning, my partner drove me to another clinic to get the second dose of pills. Just as I got there I felt a rush in my vagina and I knew something had come out, (I was wearing a towel just in case ), when I got to the toilet I saw quite a bit of blood on the towel but was reassured this was perfectly normal. The clinic was very busy and we had to wait over an hour to be seen, this is because I didn't actually make an appointment, I was allowed to go in anytime between 10:00am and 4:00pm or I could have waited until the following Monday to visit the same clinic again, but as with anything not nice, I decided to get it over and done with. When I was finally called into the nurses office, the nurse was once again lovely and very comforting/understanding. Before giving me the next does of pills she gave me another anti-sickness and two antibiotics which she told me to take immediately. After these were done she gave me four tablets to complete the abortion process, these I had to stick between my upper gums and lip and massage in with some water until they were soft enough to swallow. Needles to say they were quite difficult to swallow after this and created a paste over my teeth and gums but thankfully they didn't taste bad. After this she also gave me four more antibiotics to take later on and also some contraception and two pregnancy tests to take in a month. I asked the nurse about the side effects and she did say the tablets were very likely to make me sick. After this we left and my partner drove us home, within about 10 minutes of taking the pills I began to experience period like cramps, which over the next 10 minutes intensified into really bad pain. It probably didn't help that I was stuck in a car and had stupidly worn quite tight jeans! The worst part was definitely the journey back, it was nothing but traffic lights and delays, by the time we got home I was literally crying in pain and shouting.
When I got out of the car I nearly collapsed, I think partly because of the pain and partly through the realization of what was happening. I rushed into the house and into the garden, all I wanted to do was be out in the open, at least there I could vomit anywhere if I wanted to and I could lay or sit in any position I chose. My partner was very supportive throughout, he got me into the garden and then helped me into the various positions I wanted to sit in. I was crying my eyes out at this point, I was having contractions and could feel nothing but pain, I found it really comfortable to be kneeling on all fours, then I started to feel the other effects of the tablets, I really needed to poop but I was far too focused on the pain at this point so I just ignored it and then after a while , 15 minutes or so perhaps, the pain started to subside and the contractions got less frequent and lasted no where near as long. I then decided to go to the toilet to get rid of the pressure in my bowels, that part was quite horrible, by this point I was passing lots of clots of blood and a lot of blood came out when I tried to push but I just bit the bullet and did it anyway, emptied everything that was in there and then after that I felt so so much better, so I think part of the pressure down there was due to the fact I needed to poop. After this the contractions didn't come back and since then I have just got regular bearable period pain which has decreased in intensity throughout the day, I even went shopping to Tesco's when the pain went, just for something to take my mind off everything. So far my bleeding hasn't been too bad, I have used probably four overnight towels today, only around 2 of which have been full. I have passed lots of clots and still am whilst writing this at 10:00pm,I have gushes of blood which seems to be the way the pregnancy is expelling, especially when Im on the toilet. the only pregnancy symptom I had which was painful sore breasts, has gone down extremely. Whilst writing this I have also felt some more upset in my lower abdominal region so I think I will have an upset stomach at some point over the next 12 hours. I didn't throw up after taking the pills and It even though the experience was awful It wasn't as frightening as I thought, lots of Medical abortion horror stories on the internet! All in all it wasn't as awful as other experiences women have had and I hope that fact comforts women who are considering having one, the reason I chose this over surgical was because I don't like not feeling in control, and I was in control throughout this.

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