A medical termination at 7 weeks 3 days.

By anonymous on 07/09/2014
Hi, I am just home tonight after going through a medical termination at 7 weeks 3 days.
I am 34 years old and have 3 children, I spent a couple of weeks deciding what the best thing to do was, and after a lot of soul searching and tears I decided that a termination was the best thing to do for both me and my children I already have.
So I saw my gp who refered me to my local hospital, this took a week from referral to my actual appointment.
I saw the nurse then the doctor and was invited back later that day to take the first tablet. I was very scared and it took me 40mins to finally take it, and I had a panic attack straight after, but the staff were fantastic.
I stayed for an hour to make sure I wasn't sick and all was well, then I drove myself home.
I had light cramping, but no bleeding at all.
I then returned to the hospital 9am this morning, 2 days after taking the first tablet.
I was admitted onto a four bedded ward and the other ladies were in having the same procedure.
I had 3 tablets inserted internally, I could have taken these orally but as I am terrified of medication the nurse inserted them, the other ladies swallowed theirs.
I then had to stay on the bed for an hour. Nothing happened in that hour I had a few light cramps, and after the hour I went for a wee and had slight bleeding.
After another 50 mins I had throughout that time only very very mild not even as bad a s period type cramping I needed to go to the loo. As I sat up I felt a rushing of blood, and I had soaked my pad, and clothes. The nurse helped me up and I felt like a little pop inside me, still only a small cramping, and went to the loo, where I, painlessly, passed the fetus and quite a lot of blood too.
I didn't look, but the nurse came in and told me. I had a little cry to myself at that point.
It was explained to me that, as I have had children previously that I will have some afterpains, where my uterus contracts back down to normal size. These pains were very manageable, I had paracetamol, and just rested.
I passed lots of clots into the bed pan in the toilet, and also had numerous trips to the loo with gushed of blood, which the nurses told me is very normal.
I was taken by surprise the amount of blood I lost, as it feels like you are weeing out the blood, but it wasn't painful.
I soaked through pads, and clothes. That was the worst part.
I was so scared of the pain and the bleeding, I was really really worked up!! But in my experience, I've had worse period pains than the ones I've had today, and they more painful ones came after I'd passed, which were after pains, not due to the termination itself.
I can honestly say, I worried for nothing. I am home now and settled.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your story. I hope that you recover well and please make contact if you need any post abortion support.for post abortion support.

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