Just found out recently that I'm pregnant.

By anonymous on 23/10/2014
Just found out recently that I'm pregnant at first we were so happy and after a few weeks reality hit us hard(my boyfriend and I)... How can we bring a baby to this world without having the assurance that we'll be able to take care of it, but thought we'll make it one way or the other. As time went on the fear of us not being ready to be parents came on to us like we didn't expect... I'm doing my second year at UJ I'm 21 and he is 24 and he works ... I told him on Monday that I'm considering aborting and thought he would say something but he just said 'OK'. I guess that's what made me feel like I'm alone in this cause to me the longer we wait the more attached I will get to the baby.... The last days have been hell with me contemplating what to do with this situation... I don't want to abort cause I am scared but at the same time I have my reasons. It feels like I am selfish for not wanting to keep the baby... I've seen many couples break up cause of such things... I think that if I go through this I'll be alone as I feel now with no one to talk too :( ... This is not a decision one can make without thinking about the emotional pain they'll go through after doing it....

Editor's Comment

Your initial reaction sounds like your heart response to the pregnancy, while the present feelings are the pressure of your circumstances causing you to doubt about your ability to cope. What you need to work out is what is most important to you, and how permanent or long term you feel your circumstances are.
Undoubtedly, your relationship will be affected by this experience, and again you should think through together how you feel about ending a pregnancy that was conceived in a loving relationship, and how you would both feel if that is what you decide to do. It may help to talk this through with someone independent before you make your final decision. for unplanned pregnancy support.

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