So here I am in the same situation I was in almost 6 years ago.

By anonymous on 04/12/2014
So here I am in the same situation I was in almost 6 years ago. I had my first abortion at the age of 18, I was very young and a party girl. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 4 years and acted out sexually with other men. So I fell pregnant by one of the three, one including my boyfriend of 4 years whom I had just established a relationship with.
He threatened to kick me out if I didn't have it because deep down we knew it wasn't his. I had no attachment to this child so I booked the appointment and had the medical procedure done.
Fast forward two years later I met a man who I fell in love with and treated me oh so wonderful. We had our daughter in 2012 because I fell in love immediately when I discovered I was pregnant. Even though we were both kids and living with his mum at the time, we made it work.
Raising a child is stressful and it took a toll on us both. We split up for a year and recently got back together 9 months ago. We now have a house, which we have been pouring money into and fixing up nicely but now I have fallen pregnant once again. Only this time, it would be my daughter's brother or sister. Which has broken my heart.
We cannot afford this baby in any way and we fear it would cause hardship for our whole family including our daughter. I wish we had more money and the means to have another baby. This has been tearing our relationship apart also and we are on the verge of separating once again.
I find myself so depressed all I can do is eat and throw up because I also struggle with bulimia, and it is out of control now. Sleeping on the couch seems like the best thing I can do because I'm so depressed I barely want to be awake. We are certain we are having this done but this abortion is going to change me. I know it for certain.

Editor's Comment

A very hard decision. I think your first abortion may have felt more clear because you had a number of casual relationships, but this time it is a loving, long term relationship and as you say your daughter's sibling. I think that having an abortion now may not save your relationship, and could actually put it under too much pressure to survive. I know you have said you are sure about your decision, but I wonder if you should talk your options through before making your final decision.for unplanned pregnancy support.

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