Honestly it was the worst experience of my life.

By anonymous on 20/01/2015
I had a medical abortion two weeks ago, and I'm not happy about it. I was on the pill and my boyfriend and I have been together almost two years. I love him and he loves me but he didn't want more kids and I wasn't ready for one.
I went through the same process as everyone else took a pregnancy test it was positive so I made a doctor's appointment. They confirmed I was pregnant but could but tell me how far because I was too early so they gave me another appointment two weeks later.
The morning sickness followed shortly after. I threw up every day, couldn't hold anything down and I just felt sick all the time. I ended up going back to the doctor for the nausea before my follow up appointment but they still couldn't measure how far I was.
Finally my next appointment came and they tell me I'm 7 weeks and 1 day. Honestly although I wasn't ready for a child I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I was 50/50 on both sides keeping it and aborting. My boyfriend and I talked about it and he just plainly said he didn't feel like now was the right time and I have so many things to do in my life and blah blah blah.

So I made the appointment for the medical abortion, he suggested that one instead of the surgical because he was afraid for me to be put to sleep. He took me to my appointment and I got the first pill. The next day before I inserted the four pills he came over. I inserted the pills and about 20 minutes later things went south. I began cramping really badly. He tried to comfort me but all I could do was cry. The pain was unbearable (but maybe just for me I have low pain tolerance). After a few hours of cramping and crying I began to feel my stomach cramp and things got worse I began to feel my stomach contracting, and for the next two hours I went from my room to the bathroom. He stayed with me held the bag while I threw up and sat on the toilet with diarrhoea at the same time. At about hour four or five I felt my panties and oversized pad fill with blood. I felt my vaginal opening widen and I ran to the bathroom. I felt something pass with more diarrhoea and throwing up.
I returned to my bed but the cramping continued and I got chills to the point my teeth were chattering. I continued back and forth to the bathroom for another hour or so vomiting and then finally some relief.
Honestly it was the worst experience of my life.
I know pregnancy is far worse, but at least after you have the reward of your child. Now here I am two weeks later and I'm sitting on my couch and begin to feel like I'm peeing on myself. Then I feel my vagina opening so I run to the bathroom sit on the toilet and the blood is pouring. I passed a clot not very large but long. I get in the shower bleed the whole time, and when I got out all I could do was cry. I'm just desperate for this to be over. It's been two weeks I've been bleeding the entire time not heavy like this but bleeding. I don't really regret my decision because I know I wasn't ready and I don't want to force anything on him that he doesn't want but mentally and physically I feel broken. I just feel very low. Maybe when I finally stop bleeding I'll feel more like myself, but the me I am now just isn't very happy.

Editor's Comment

It sounds as though your bleeding has gone on a long time and I wonder if you need a check up to make sure the abortion is complete. Although you can get some light bleeding for up to 3 weeks, it sounds more unusual that yours has sometimes been heavy and passing clots. The clinic or hospital that was overseeing your procedure usually has a helpline number for you to phone, or call 0300 4000 999.

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