This was possibly one of the darkest and yet humbling experiences in my life.

By anonymous on 21/01/2015
I had a medical abortion in my late thirties when I discovered that I was 6 weeks pregnant. I had just broken up with former partner. Neither of us were prepared for this. This is not how I ever foresaw my first pregnancy. My former partner reacted so badly to this and had trouble coming to terms with the pregnancy and wanted an immediate termination as he was not prepared to be a father. I was devastated and felt crushed. I was in two minds about having the child and considered raising the child as a single parent. I put a lot of serious thought into this and went through private counselling sessions privately and through the abortion clinic to discuss all my concerns for the potential child, my own and my former partner's future. When I booked the appointment for the abortion, I was clear in my mind what had to be done I went through with it. The procedure was completely swiftly, the staff where incredibly helpful. I went to work the next day which helped me take my mind of the abortion. Physically, I was exhausted and emotionally I felt drained from the experience. It was hard not being supported in the process with my former partner but friends and family were supportive. This was possibly one of the darkest and yet humbling experiences in my life. It took me a total of three months to work through this period and feel back to normal again. Things started to become clearer and I was certain that I had made the best decision that I could in those circumstances. My former partner has since apologised for his lack of support during the process and we have talked about this more openly. Some time later my former partner admitted to being ashamed of how unsupportive he was during the abortion process. Most of all I am thankful for the support around me that pull me through to the other side to see the daylight again.

Editor's Comment

You have been very honest in the affect this experience had on you mentally and emotionally. Sometimes it is hard to admit this and still accept it as the right decision. Although it must have been hard to go through this without your former partner's support, it is good that he has recognised this and apologised. I guess he will have learnt from this experience.

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