A medical abortion at 7 1/2 weeks

By anonymous on 05/02/2015
I was freaked out at the thought of my medical abortion, but it wasn't all that bad. Before choosing which route I wanted to take I had done a lot of research and originally opted for surgical because after reading countless stories that one just seemed far less scary. But on the day of my surgical appointment absolutely everything that could go wrong, seemed to go wrong and I was unable to continue with the procedure.
I needed to have someone present during the surgical and getting the father of the child to go the first time was such a pain, I decided that I would suck it up and hope for the best and just do a medical abortion.
On the day I went in for my appointment I was instructed to take my pain medication an hour before I inserted the second set of pills into the sides of my cheek. I was also placed on antibiotics and iron supplements because I am slightly anaemic.
I was told I could take the second set of pills anywhere from 24 hours after I took the first one until the very next day.
After taking the first pill I felt nothing the rest of the day. This was at 5 PM.
The next morning however I experienced what seemed like morning sickness. Something I had not experienced during my pregnancy (btw I was 7 1/2 weeks pregnant).
The next day after the first pill I had very very light spotting and for some reason I couldn't keep much food down.
I read more horror stories that night of the medical abortion and freaked out and didn't take the second set of pills. As the 48 hour mark approached I said a prayer had my heating pad on, my pain medications and all my supplies I had purchased along with some overnight maxi pads for a very very heavy flow and I laid down took my pain medication, waited an hour and then put the pills in my cheek. I had my heating pad already on my stomach and I waited.

About 30 minutes in I experienced mild cramping, it wasn't too bad. I began to feel nauseous so I went to the bathroom and threw up, I felt better after. But I do believe I threw up the pain medication. I laid back down and experienced a wave of cramps. It wasn't like anything I hadn't already felt at the onset of my period. But it was still uncomfortable so I took more pain medication which I threw up again . And once again I felt better. At that point I had given up on pain meds and simply relied on my heating pad. I experienced waves of cramping they were moderately painful some were somewhat sharp but the pain wasn't anything completely unbearable. The bleeding had begun and I decided to go sit on the toilet as I was instructed to do from many other women's stories. And when I did this I passed some large clots.
I then went to lay back down and went to sleep for a bit. When I woke up I had bled so much that the blood was now all on my pants. This may sound horrible but at the beginning you should expect to bleed a lot.

By the end of the night the cramps had subsided and I was able to get some rest. The next morning I just snacked on my carrots and apples and crackers. I didn't feel nauseous at all. Since taking the second set of pills I have experienced some cramping on the days that followed. Some of them painful. I have definitely been using my pain medication.
I don't have much energy because I'm still bleeding heavily. Nothing near as heavy as the first and second day but similar to a heavy period.

I am so grateful that my experience wasn't horrific and that I made it through alright. I wanted to share my story because I think there needs to be some less traumatic accounts of what happens during a medical abortion. It isn't glamorous at all, but it isn't absolutely horrific either. Other than the cramping and exhaustion, I feel fine I can eat without throwing up and I can otherwise live my life, just with a lot of breaks and rest periods. My heating pad and I have definitely become best friends . I really hope someone finds my story helpful. I know it's scary already ladies along with all the other painful emotions that one goes through because of even making the decision to abort, but please know that all the horror stories you may read don't mean that will be your exact experience.
I'm glad I read them because they helped me to be prepared for the worst but they certainly scared me and I was almost not about to take the second set of pills, instead I wanted to see if there was anyway I could change my mind and do the surgical route again.
Anyway my follow up appointment is in three days. So hopefully everything is clear.

Editor's Comment

There is a wide range of experience during a medical abortion, and I do think it helps to get as much information about the procedure as possible so that you are sure this is what you want to do. Reading other people's accounts will help to get a picture of different experiences. Please contact the helpline if you need any support 0300 4000 999, or follow the link for post abortion support.

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