The day of my abortion.

By anonymous on 14/03/2015
The day of my abortion. I've been reading this website religiously for as much advice and experiences as possible. I can not thank the women enough for their stories on having an abortion. I'm 24 and have a boyfriend of nearly 5 years. We both still live with parents and I've recently started a new job. As soon as I had a pregnancy test I didn't consider going through with carrying a child before it showed positive and I have no regret in the matter. I was referred to the Liverpool Women's hospital by a Sexual Health Clinic. The appointment was a consultation of my weight, height, health history and internal scan. As soon as I found I was pregnant I didn't understand how in depth the health service will go before proceeding with the termination. I just wanted it over and done with. I was suffering morning sickness no matter what time of day it was, loss of appetite and constantly feeling nauseous. The second appointment was 2 days later, as I was 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant at the time of the scan, I was unable to have the Vacuum Method as you have to be 8 weeks and over. I had no choice in the matter to have the Medical Abortion which I wasn't too sure of after reading peoples' experiences but I needed to get back to normal as quick as possible. I had the first tablet which you must ensure not to throw up within 30 minutes as advised by the nurse. I found this difficult because of how nauseous I was. The same day and the next day was not much improvement, slight cramps but no bleeding and was still vomiting. Today (two days after the first tablet) I inserted 4 tablets into my vagina, which I was more scared of in all honesty but was reassured and advised how to by the nurse. Then it was a waiting game. During this process I had my Mum throughout it all, I genuinely could not of have done it without her. My heart goes out to the women doing this on their own. Please confide in someone, I can strongly advise you need as much support as you can get. It is mentally, physically and emotionally draining. Especially suffering with sickness. I don't think I was expecting any of what happened. Around 2 hours later, I began to bleed. Shortly after, 20 minutes or so I went to the toilet and felt the feeling of passing a blood clot. Some may find this distressing but I looked. The image of seeing my baby in the toilet will stay with me forever. I cried and called my Mum, she also looked. I was in a bad way. I had blood smeared on my thighs and drops on the floor. I deeply apologise if I have upset anyone during my story but it can be very graphic. I had no pain as the blood was passing, I had very period like cramps. I suffer with bad cramps anyway and it wasn't much worse than them. Ensure you're stocked up on Ibuprofen and old towels. I knew after passing the 'embryo' I wasn't prepared for the amount of blood loss. I was soaking 2 pads at a time within 40 minutes or so. Each time I went to the toilet to clean myself up the blood clots felt never ending. I think I visited the toilet around 7-8 times within 2 hours. As I would try and make the toilet I had no control and it'd be on the floor before I reached the toilet. Hence old towels are needed for this. Passing the clots is not a painful process, but it can be very overwhelming. I kept reading this website for any similar experiences which I found useful as this is normal. The bleeding and the clots eased after around 4 hours and now I'm experiencing period like symptoms. Bleeding like a usual period. After having the termination, I would stress it's not easy and do not go through this on your own. Either type of abortion is not going to be pleasant. But I'm assuming the Medical Abortion can be overwhelming and distressing to go through. Whereas the vacuum method can be done whilst asleep which many may prefer. If like me you needed your body back or other reasons you wanted it over and done with then the Medical Abortion is probably best. Yes it was a nasty experience, but after 5-6 hours its over and you begin to feel normal again. The nurses where exceptional at the Women's Hospital, very helpful and full of advice to give. Each woman is different and I hope anyone going through any termination has minimal pain and stress.

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