After the abortion, physically it feels like a period, emotionally I'm not sure

Hi I just had a medical abortion yesterday and after researching it before hand and reading stories off here I was beyond petrified.

I just wanted to put my experience on here.

I'm sure lots of stories are by anti-abortionists

I totally understand people have complete different reactions but I'm positive a lot of these stories are written by anti abortionists to terrify you.

I had the first tablet on Wednesday didn't have no symptoms except nausea but I was already suffering hyperemesis.

On Friday morning I woke at 5.30 and couldn't hold anything down. I was admitted to hospital at 8am given iv anti sickness and fluids.

At 2pm they decided to start the second part of the procedure now they had my sickness under control. I had the first set of pessaries and laid flat for an hour.

After an hour I had a little wonder around the ward and felt something leak. Went to the loo and there was a tiny bit of blood. So carried on walking waiting for the pain.

I went for a wee about an hour later and lost a couple of tiny clots still no major pain maybe a tiny bit of dull period pains nothing noticeable.

At about 5pm I went to the toilet again and this time passed a few bigger clots and the pregnancy.

I carried on bleeding heavily (not haemmorage heavily like they scared me about) and because they had given me my second dose of tablets orally two minutes before i passed the pregnancy the cramping continued for a few hours more.

I still have period pains but that's all it is.

I feel like I'm having a period physically. Emotionally I'm not sure how any one will take it. I'm sad for my baby that I wanted so much but hyperemesis and two children under 4 with a self employed husband who doesn't earn if he doesn't work just doesn't work.

Thank you for reading and good luck in your experiences x

This story was sent in on 21/03/2015

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