I'm pro-life, raised in a religious household & never ever thought abortion would be an option for me

By anonymous on 22/03/2015
medical abortion

Ok, so to start off I am pro life. Raised in a religious household. Never ever ever thought abortion would be an option for me ever [peoples experiences of abortion].

I have four children 6, 4 and twin 20 month olds. I couldn't continue the pregnancy for medical reasons.

And I tried everything not to get pregnant. Nuva ring, condoms and plan B

But March 4th I got a little positive sign on a test and my whole world shook.

Because of the medical reasons there wasn't much choice in the matter so we decided to do a medical abortion. I was scared. [read other medical abortion experiences]

I took methotrexate first it was five pills by mouth. That stuff made me sick. I took it wednesday the 18th of March 2015.

It took me hours sitting there with the pills in my hand hyperventalating crying not wanting to kill this thing growing inside me.

But finally I took the pills. I wanted to do it before there were nerves, brain, heart. When it was just cells so I didn't cause it any pain.

Reading people's abortion experiences online was terrifying

I read so much online about people's experiances and I was terrified. Man. I was so scared. I have had three csections before so I knew it couldn't be as bad as that, BUT that being said with csections you have a crap los of drugs in you like a spinal so you won't feel it.

But with the csections they gave me the second set of pills I can't remember the name but you put them in vaginally you get those to make your body push out all the after birth when you have a csection. So I guess my body is use to that specific drug as I've needed it each pregnancy.

A rundown of the abortion experience

I wrote on a note pad my experiance so here it is.

Saturday March 21st 2015

  • Took it at 7:15pm ish feeling ok.

  • 741.... Nothing yet. Have a heat pack on me. Took gravol and two tramadol at 6:30pm. Feel a little nauseas, but more like car sick. Not like full blown hang over.

  • 747....still nothing.

  • 806pm... Mild. Mild. Can't even say cramping really. 

  • 847.... Still fine. Kinda dreading when it finally kicks in... It's like it's building up. Oh man.

  • 848pm I need to pee but am worried the pills haven't dissolved and I don't want them too fall out..... Watching kat williams trying to just relax.

  • 1004 cramping a bit boyfriend is making me smoke some pot to relax the muscles going to sleep now

  • 1153 woke up in pain. Left side. Faint bleeding. Took tramadol. Fell asleep.

  • Woke up 1:25 cramps. Passed first clot. Felt weird. Cramping stronger still very manageable. Less painful than a bad period. And even tho I'm bleeding a lot in the toilet not much on pad.

    Need to wait till 4 am to take more tramadol. Going to smoke some weed and put hot pack on again.

  • 145am cramps getting pretty painful. Feel like I need to poop. Have not had any diarrhea. Cramps are more on left side than anywhere else.

    Blood is not pouring out like a waterfall. Just when I pee I am able to pass clots the first clot I had to slightly push out I didn't see the clot in my toilet it's deep and it was pretty bloody but second time I went pee there was what looked like placenta on the toilet paper.

    Going back to sleep.

  • 4 am woke up pretty strong cramps now it feels like period cramps granted I have endometriosis so my cramps im use to.

    Gone through two pads so far.

    Back to sleep

  • Awake at 820am no pain. Light bleeding like middle of period nothing crazy. Backs a bit sore but not bad.

Overall this experience was nothing

I'm up making breakfast for the twins since the older kids stayed at their dads last night, walking around fine, cleaning up. Doing dishes. Totally fine.

Overall this experiance was nothing. I worked myself up so badly thinking it was going to be excruciating and I hardly felt it besides the one point that wasn't even bad enough I couldn't fall asleep through.

I took tramadol/acet two every four hours. Had one gravol. And have now as of 1:02pm the following day needed no drugs, hardly any bleeding and only needed three pads in total this far. No puking no runs.

Trust your body, you'll be okay

I'm hungry and ate cereal and making lunch pretty soon here. And I was ok. I am ok. Whoever reads this, you will be ok. Trust your body. And deep breathe if it gets hard.

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