My story is 100% positive - an NHS surgical abortion was the right choice for me

By anonymous on 28/03/2015
surgical abortion abortion 9 weeks

Just for anyone who is in the dark about having a surgical abortion! I had a surgical abortion yesterday and I was a nervous wreck! I honestly couldn't sleep and I worked myself up so much! My story is 100% positive as it was the right choice for me! [other stories about surgical abortion]

Abortion consultation

When I found out I couldn't stop crying I just knew that I couldn't tell my mum because I couldn't of had her feeling disappointed!

I went to my local GP and they gave me a number to ring in which I organised an appointment...

Unfortunately I had to wait 2 weeks to be seen and this was the longest two weeks of my life! I woke up everyday wishing it was all over!

Finally the day came and I had never been so nervous for something in my life...

Luckily for me boyfriend was so supportive and I couldn't of done it without him! Make sure you tell someone even if it's a close friend so you have that support network!

I turned up and I had an internal scan as they couldn't see anything because I was early. Honestly it didn't hurt at all, it was just cold. I found out that I was 9 weeks gone. Then I went back to the nurse and had some counselling just to make sure I was making the right decision then off to get my bloods done. This was all over within 2 hours which went so quickly!

I would like to point out that my surgical abortion was done under the NHS in a local hospital and they were fantastic. I was booked to have my surgery 2 days after on Friday which to my surprise was very quick, they did the procedure every Friday so I got lucky.

Surgical abortion procedure

I turned up at around 11am and I was scheduled in at 11:30am, I was called up by a nurse and it was at this point I had to leave my boyfriend which was the hardest part... She said that I wouldn't be done until 4/5 was left me feeling numb and down.

However it needed to be done so I got on with it and went with the nurse to get changed in a gown, dressing gown and slippers. I was then seen by the anaesthetist who told me all about it and gave me a run through.

I had to place 4 tablets up my vaginal to soften the cervix, to my surprise I had no side effects, the other women suffered from cramps, I got lucky again!

After a long wait (I was the last to be done) I was wheeled to the theatre by this point I was really stressing myself out, however I knew I was in the best hands possible! The doctors and team were so lovely and told me if I was making the right decision which I knew I was.

Completely pain-free

They inserted a needle into my arm which was a strong painkiller then the general anaesthetic which put me to sleep in literally 10 seconds! I just had a weird dizzy feeling then before I knew it I was woken up by a lovely nurse asking if I was alright.

I was completely pain free and I was so lucky to experience NO pain whatsoever thought the course of the day.

Medical seemed painful & distressing

This procedure was definitely the right choice and the medical procedure seemed painful and distressing.

I was wheeled back and was given tea, juice and toast which was delightful! I was so happy it was over, I felt like I could move on. I waited a good 20 mins for the nurse to take the needle out again no pain then went to the toilet as they have to make sure you can we properly then I got changed and I was discharged around 5pm!

Thanks to the NHS doctors and nurses

It was a long day but the waiting was the hardest bit! It's understandable to be nervous but please don't be, it was the best experience that I could have for this situation!

Today I feel so normal and healthy, thank you to all the NHS doctors and nurses who made this possible for me I am so grateful! No pain, no worries!

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