I terminated my baby

By Vee on 13/05/2015

Termination at 5 weeks It's been about 7 weeks since I terminated my baby. I was 4 weeks pregnant when I found out I was pregnant. I didn't have much signs, just craving for sushi but I couldn't keep it down. Haven't had sushi since.

I've been dating this guy since last September, we met at our home town (we both currently stay in the city now). He's a couple of years older than me and he's very rich, very rich and I'm still a university student. He's been nice to me and had his days of not being nice at all. But I really loved him and it was not about his money or what he did for me, I loved him and I still do.

When I found out I was pregnant he told me that I was gonna have an abortion, and that it was still an egg and not a baby yet it shouldn't be hard. He said I tricked him into getting pregnant. After a week of knowing I was pregnant I went to the women's clinic and aborted the baby through the medical procedure. I was given the pill that was gonna stop the pregnancy and another set of 4 pills I had to take at home the next day. After taking the pills at home, I started feeling so much pain, pain I've never experienced. It was as if I was in labour. I was all alone. He wasn't there for me, the day I went to the clinic he just gave me money and sent me one of his drivers.

He didn't care how I felt. I hate myself for allowing him to scare me, a lot of women do it alone. My family would have supported me. Now I cry everyday because I want my baby. All I think about is my baby. I'd be 13 weeks today. I hate him for not supporting me. All I want is my baby back.

Editor's Comment

I am so sorry that you were pressurised into such a big decision that you now regret so much. Dating a guy older than yourself perhaps made it harder for you to stand up for yourself and what you wanted. At the moment you sound desperate, and I think it would help you to have some support and the chance to talk to someone. Please contact support through the directory.


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