I took the first pill, put the other four inside, and waited for the horrendous pain

Medical abortion at 8 weeks [more accounts of medical abortion and abortion at 8 weeks].

I thought I'd share my story because everyone's experience is different and I'd read a few of these stories before I took the pills and scared myself silly.

I took the first pill and put the other four inside on the same day as was told this is how they do it now if under 9 wks. I went home and waited for the horrendous pain! This didn't happen!

Five hours later I felt bit queasy and went to the toilet. I had a bit of diarrhoea. A half hour later I felt like I needed to go again but when I sat on the toilet a big blood clot and blood fell into the toilet. I was relieved it had started though a little shocked.

I had few cramps and took paracetamol but the pains were not horrendous at all. To me the worst bit was from then on every time I sat on the loo I passed massive blood clots, they did feel big and I had to sort of push them out. I couldn't tell which one was the fetus which I suppose made it easier.

This carried on for several hours but overall the experience was bearable. The pain wasn't half as bad as I thought. I hope this puts others minds at rest a bit. To me, I knew it was the right decision so only felt relief once it was over. 

This story was sent in on 02/06/2015

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