After an abortion when I was 16 it was ok but now at 19 friends are having babies and it's a struggle

By anonymous on 09/06/2015
surgical abortion

I had a surgical abortion at 16. I found out I was pregnant on my boyfriend, of only 6 months, 18th birthday. I chose to have a surgical abortion, and I feel the experience was a pleasant one with lots of support at first.

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My baby would now be 2 this month and it's only just hitting me now what I've missed out on.

I am now 19 and a few of my friends are having babies. It's this I can't cope with, seeing other people with children when I felt that I could not have mine.

I just hope anyone considering this doesn't think about how other people will feel, just look at what you want and think how you will feel in a few years time, because there is nothing worse than regretting a decision that is Not reversible.

Also, if you go through with the abortion, always take the counselling they offer you. Even at the time if you feel like you don't need it, talking about feelings always help uncover hidden feelings that may come out over time.

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