I am 37. Never really had children on the cards and always been so careful.

I am 37. Never really had children on the cards and always been so careful. Now knocking 40 I find myself up the duff. Always thought if the worst happened I would have a termination - sounds easy until you are in this situation. At the moment I think the best advice I could give anyone is not to hide from reality, but to face it and give yourself enough time to consider all options and what is best for you. I have not decided what I will do - at least I have time to think though! Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…Yes, it does seem easy until you find yourself in that situation. Suddenly other thoughts and deeper feelings kick in, don’t they? And we’re not quite as certain as we were before. That’s because a pregnancy is not just to do with what our heads say about it, but also what our hearts say. It’s good to face reality and, for you, that means getting all the information you can about your options, taking time to explore your feelings and deciding what will do your heart good and what will hurt it. Talking to an advisor could help you – visit a centre, ring the helpline or use Online Advisor for the help you need.

This story was sent in on 02/04/2008

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