Everything looked good but the head wasn't round like it should be

By Angel

I was excited to go to my 1st appt for my 3rd pregnancy. I had my sonogram and sat in the waiting room to see my Dr. She said everything looks good but the head was not round like it should be. I did my research and exhausted myself with possibilities.

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My Dr had set me up with a high-risk Dr a week later. My husband and I are in the waiting room watching them do a sonogram when the Dr comes in and says I'm sorry but your baby has Acrania [1]. She said the next step was termination.

It took me a while to come to terms with an abortion. I didn't want to, I loved my unborn baby. I just didn't want either of us to suffer.

The abortion was painful and I cried a lot during it. I'm sad right now because I miss my baby as if I left her at a relatives house but this one I can't pick up.

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  1. Acrania

    Acrania is a rare congenital (present at birth but not necessarily hereditary) disorder that occurs in the human fetus in which the flat bones in the cranial vault are either completely or partially absent.

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Angel sent this story in on 06/08/2015

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