We're devastated - due to abnormality I have to travel to the UK for an abortion

By Kate

Unfortunately all our happiness has ended as we have found out that our baby has an abnormality.

To say we are devastated is an understatement, I have to travel to the uk next week to have the abortion pill as I am 16 weeks, really dreading this.

I'm going through so many different emotions, our little girl has so much fluid on her brain she would never have developed properly I find it so hard I just can't get my head around it, about 65% don't even make it through pregnancy I was looking for reasons as to why but there are none , this happens to very few people.

I now have to think about having our baby next week who won't survive, and then to bring her remains home with us.

So devastated 

Kate sent this story in on 02/10/2015

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