I had an abortion not too long ago. After doing some research on the internet I had decided to have the medical one...

By anonymous on 16/09/2008
Well, let’s see, I had an abortion not too long ago. After doing some research on the internet I had decided to have the medical one rather than the surgical one before I had even gone to the doctor. I went to the doc’s on Friday morning, they checked me out and said I was 8 weeks 5 days, just under the limitations to have the medical abortion. While I was there they gave me my first pill, some antibiotics, 2 prescriptions (for pain and nausea), and the misoprostol pills I was instructed to take 24 to 48 hours later buccally (holding them in between my gums and cheeks for 30 minutes then swallowing). I was told to take the medicines for nausea and pain 30 minutes before I took the misoprostol, which I did.

About 2 or 3 hours after I had taken everything I started getting some pretty bad cramps, they were way worse than any period related cramps I have had before, though they were nothing compared to the contractions I had during the birth of my son. The nurse at the doctor’s office had told me the pains could really go either way depending on the person. Her words of wisdom were ‘expect the worse, but hope for the best’. That is exactly what I did and it was not anything as bad as I had imagined. None of the pills really gave me any weird side effects except for the chills I had for about 30 minutes or so after taking all of the pills at home. If I had to do it again I think I would stick to the medical instead of the surgical. I think what made my experience a lot different than many of the ones posted on here was that I went into the situation as educated as I could.

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your experience with us…Women do have varied experiences of medical abortion, as you have said. It’s always important to understand what may be involved in terms of pain and sickness so that you can be prepared because fear is always a factor where there are ‘unknowns’. Medical abortions seem to mean that women are often preoccupied with the procedure – or, like you, relieved that it wasn’t as difficult as it might have been – but abortion is also an emotional event. Although you’ve not mentioned how you felt about it in any way, I just want to say that if you experience any negative emotional responses, there is support available. Just get in touch. Thank you.

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