I've been with my boyfriend for three years now.

By anonymous on 29/11/2008
I've been with my boyfriend for three years now. About three weeks ago I found out that I was pregnant. The tests which I did at home all came out negative, about three, but then I wondered why I missed my period. My periods were always regular. So I went to Boots walk-in centre and the nurse did the pregnancy test which was positive. I was over the moon and delighted, but then reality hit me and I realised how mad my parents would get. I’d end up being thrown out and disowned.

After careful consideration with my boyfriend, we realised that the best option for us was abortion because we're both full time students at university, and we weren't ready to become parents. So the next day I rang up Brook centre and paid a visit. There I had to do a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Then the nurse told me I’d need to have a chlamydia screening so there would be no risk of infection, but I’d told her I already had it done a couple of months before. The next step was counselling to see whether abortion is the right choice. Once I agreed, I was given an appointment date to visit the clinic. It was for the week after.

So the following Wednesday I visited the clinic for the first half of my early medical abortion. However, when the nurse did the scan, she was unable to see the foetus, so I was asked if I would like to come back the following week and I agreed. The next week I went back and the nurse did the ultrasound scan again and the foetus was still not visible, so I asked if I could return one week later. Then finally when I went back the third week, the first half of the early medical abortion took place. I was given a tablet to eat and I had to make sure I did not throw it up or I would have to return for another one. There were no side effects for this part of the abortion. However, the second part was the difficult part.

When I returned two days later. The nurse inserted a tablet inside my vagina and then I was allowed to go home. However, about 10-15 minutes after leaving the clinic, I started to get really bad cramps, which were worse then my normal period pains. I went straight home and felt extremely restless. I kept sitting on the floor, then my bed, then on the floor, then on the toilet etc. Then about one and a half hours later, the bleeding begun and clots of blood were realised whilst I was on the toilet. This was a horrible experience but I guess it had to be done. I'm still bleeding after every half an hour or so, because the second half of the abortion took place today. I've had codeine pain killers, but the pain is still strong. I just hope it goes away soon.

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your story with us…You sound quite preoccupied with the physical experience of a medical abortion, but you haven’t really acknowledged or expressed what you’re feeling about it yet. How are you now? You had a positive response to the news of your pregnancy initially, but that feeling was soon overwhelmed by practical concerns and fears about how your parents would respond. That sounds like you may be experiencing two different responses – a ‘head’ response and a heart response. If you need to talk to someone at any time about how you are feeling, you can call the helpline on 0300 4000 999 or use Online Advisor.

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