Seven years later and it is too painful to speak about.

By anonymous on 17/02/2009
Seven years later and it is too painful to speak about. I had no counselling, no help, nothing, just hospital and getting rid of my baby. No one ever asked me if I was okay about this decision. I feel pregnant everyday. I feel angry every day, and now I am having trouble conceiving. I was and am not okay. They showed me my baby on the monitor [asked me if I wanted a picture] and it is in my head for the rest of my life. I will never get over this. I am now 24. Abortion has ruined my life. DO NOT DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! DONT EVER LET ANYONE CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS AND WHAT YOU WANT TO DO IN YOUR LIFE. IT’S YOUR CHOICE!! NO ONE ELSE’S!

Editor's note: Thanks for writing are clearly upset, frustrated and angry about your current situation. It sounds as if you need some compassionate support in order to heal from your abortion and to find peace in yourself. Anger is one of the main problems for women suffering from post-abortion stress, as well as grief and guilt. I suspect you are struggling with all these things. It's time for you to come out of the shadows and into the light. Please contact your nearest centre as soon as possible to find the support that will help you.

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