I am a second year university student with a promising future in science

By anonymous on 24/05/2009
I wanted to write my story to give a very realistic idea to people who may have to go through the same situation.
I suffer from Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and when I went for some tests at the hospital I received the very shocking news that I was pregnant. I had already been suspicious as I had been feeling sick a lot, along with other more personal reasons.
However I am a second year university student with a promising future in science, and my long term boyfriend [and course mate] and I had always used protection. The news was a blow and despite being told I had a choice, keeping the baby was really out of the question.
I was referred to a clinic 10 days later and after many days of morning sickness and feeling tired and sick; I was relieved to be getting things dealt with. At the clinic I had a scan and was told the baby was 6 weeks old, this was an internal scan. I than had to have tests done carried out in a similar way to a smear test, I had blood taken and my blood pressure recorded.
When it came to choosing which method of abortion, I had spent hours trying to decide, yet when the time came I just opted for whichever method would rid it soonest. I was booked in for a medical termination.
Two days later I went to the hospital and took a tablet orally. This makes your uterus a harsh environment for the foetus to live and denies it the hormones it needs to grow. It can cause sickness and bleeding [which varies dramatically among women]. I personally didn’t bleed at all, but my vomiting did increase.
Again, two days later, I returned to the hospital and had 4 tablets inserted into the vagina to dissolve. These induce the contractions to remove the foetus and sac from your body. I also received an injection in the bottom to stop me from being sick. The pain of the contractions is not pleasant, it does hurt, but it is bearable. As the foetus was only 6 weeks old, I managed to pass it in less than 2 hours. It felt like a clot in my period and was small enough for me to not really see much, especially since it was covered by the tissue.
It is not very nice seeing it and if you are especially worried, I would advice you get a nurse to go into the bathroom with you. All your excretions are into a bowl so they can be examined. I also got quite bad shivering during the termination which can panic you when you're shaking badly and teeth are chattering, but it’s a nice distraction from the other things going on!
A while after you have passed the foetus, you are then checked with similar apparatus to a smear test to make sure most of the tissue has left your cervix. If so, then you are okay to go, although take it easy and don’t rush home too quick like I did as the loss of blood made me pass out once on my feet for about 10 minutes.
Only a day later and I feel much better, I think I made the right decision in having an abortion and refuse to feel bad from it. It is important to make a decision that is without regret and it is also important to make sure you are not alone; confide in someone if you can and even better; have them go with you.
The medical termination was more natural and suited me better but everybody is different.

Editor’s Note: Thank you for writing so honestly about your experience. You were in a difficult situation and unplanned pregnancy is less common with PCOS. I am sure your experience will help women to understand that early medical abortion is more than just taking a tablet and having a heavy period. The important thing is to make sure you have all the information and if possible talk your decision through with someone independent. I would also suggest that talking through your experience with a trained advisor can help you to process it and come to terms with the experience.

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