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By anonymous on 08/06/2009
I have been meaning to write to you for a very long time to express my sincere gratitude to you both for simply listening to me, giving me time and believing in me at a time when I did not believe in myself. After coming to see you to discuss my experiences in December 2007, I have moved on with my life with a lot more acceptance and understanding of my life and my decisions. I have moved to Newton Abbot with my partner and we now own a beautiful two bedroomed cottage. We have both developed in our careers and are doing extremely well, but most importantly we have learnt to love each other again. I truly feel this would not have been possible without your support, love and understanding. I continue to feel somewhat disappointed with myself for making such a decision over our child, and I continue to long for the child that I never had. The difference is that now I can feel at peace with myself over a decision that was made in a time of great uncertainty and confusion. As we all go on through our journey in life, we all make bad decisions and choices, some worse than others - my journey so far has enabled me to reflect on choices and what they mean to me and my existence.

Although this has been a difficult journey, I have learnt from it, and it has enabled me to develop into the person I am today. My partner and I are settling and are planning to have children in the next few years - which we can now become excited about. You have supported me to turn my life around and enjoy living and start accepting. So thank you for your unconditional support, love and understanding. I am humbled by the support you provide and the women you touch with your support and kindness. I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful weather. I promise to keep in touch in the future. With love…

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