A baby loss at 14 weeks

By anonymous on 19/07/2011
I am 30 years old and 6 years ago I was diagnosed with MS.
I was in a relationship with my children's father for 11 years. It wasn't the best relationship and we broke up a few months after I was told about my MS. Now I can see it was the best thing that could have happened to me.
Just last year I met the man for me, perfect in everyway. We knew each other for many years as he is my sister's brother-in-law. We wanted to have a child together so we set a time in which we would start trying, as I had to come off my meds.
It didn't turn out as we planned and we got pregnant before I had stopped the meds. We were both over the moon with the news. On our first scan our joy seemed to come crashing down around us, the baby had a large sack of fluid around the back of its head and neck. We where told that it could be Turners syndrome. It was explained that I would have to go and get further tests done. The doctor stated that she would like us up again in 2 weeks to see if the fluid had changed in size at all.
So today we went for the scan and where given the heart breaking news that there was no heart beat. I am so scared as to what is going to happen tomorrow when I have to go up to the hospital for the baby to be taken out, I'm 14 weeks and I want to see my baby, hold it and find out what sex it is. What scares me even more is that this could happen over again if we try for another baby, and how long do we wait until we try again?

Editor's Comment

It must have been a shock for you to find out at your scan that there was a problem, after the excitement of the pregnancy. I am so sorry that you have lost your baby. I think some of your questions will be answered by the doctors and they may send you for some genetic counselling. If you would like some more support in coming to terms with you loss click on the link to find a centre for baby loss support in your area.

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