My girlfriend just told me she's a month pregnant. I am 23 and she is 22.

By anonymous on 25/05/2007
My girlfriend just told me she's a month pregnant. I am 23 and she is 22. She's just getting her bachelors degree and I work at a good company with good benefits but not outstanding pay. We are having trouble deciding whether or not to keep the baby. I think she's kinda looking to me for an answer on what to do but frankly I just don’t know. I’ve been reading the other stories about how depressed people are after an abortion and I'm scared.

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…In a situation like yours, there are many pressures that come from all directions. It’s very important for both of you to be fully informed about all the options available to you and to have time to explore how you feel. A rushed decision might be one you both regret - it probably feels as if you want to ‘sort’ the situation urgently.

I want to encourage you to stand together as you face the decision ahead, rather than allow this pregnancy to become a problem between you. Most women want to make these decisions with their partner rather than without them, so it would be good for you to talk this through together. I strongly recommend that you visit your nearest pregnancy centre together and be supported by someone who understands all the issues involved, who can give you the information you need about all the options as well as support you through the process of deciding what to do.

You’ll both need courage to move ahead now; knowing that none of the options turns the clock back and none are pain-free.

If you can’t access the services of a centre easily, ring the helpline or use Online Advisor, but I’d recommend face to face support for you both. We’ll be thinking of you.

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