My daughter was drunk and got pregnant

Our 23 year old daughter called in to tell us she had some news.. She'd just landed her first job having graduated from university and was in a steady relationship. She told us that she got too drunk at a party, slept with a chap she didn't know and found she was pregnant. She explained that she'd visited a pregnancy crisis centre in the London area and spoken to someone who had talked with her about her options. She wanted to know what I thought as her mother. So I told her how I felt about the baby being my first grandchild, but that I would stand by her and support her whatever decision she made. She chose to continue with the pregnancy, and her son is now 6 years old: a delight and challenge to all! Her boyfriend was so upset that he ended the relationship. Single parenthood is not easy; particularly as she has never had any support from the father and one day she's going to have to face difficult questions from her son. I think she has chosen a very brave option.

This story was sent in on 16/11/2005

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