I’m 9 weeks pregnant. I really want to keep the baby...

By anonymous on 03/07/2008
I’m 9 weeks pregnant. I really want to keep the baby but the problem is that my boyfriend and I just finished our relationship that lasted over two years. We had to end it due to our family background. We’re both muslim and our parents do not approve of our relationship. I was willing to go against my family but he is too afraid to go against his family. Now that I am pregnant my family will disown me and I will not be able to support the child. I can’t turn for help to the father of the child as he could not stand up for our relationship. I know he will not want anything to do with child. I am really confused. I know abortion is the best solution but I really do not want to kill the child.

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in and telling us about your situation…You must be feeling very trapped in these circumstances, feeling alone and unsupported, and that abortion is the only way out for you. It’s very important that you talk this through with someone who understands the internal and external pressures you feel right now. Whatever your circumstances, you are a person with a heart that is already showing a negative reaction to ending a pregnancy. This has implications for how you would cope emotionally with an abortion and it is vital that you are fully informed about what’s involved before you choose what to do. Contacting your nearest centre would provide you with ongoing personal and practical support for as long as you need it. Register with Online Advisor as well so that you can be put in touch with someone who understands the unique aspects of your situation. If your heart is giving you the message that this pregnancy is something you want, something good, then there is a way through. Reach out for the help being offered here and see what unfolds.

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