I found out my daughter was pregnant at 18...

By anonymous on 16/02/2007
I found out my daughter was pregnant at 18. We are very close and I was present when she did the test (worst five minutes of my life) as she was still my little girl. It turned out to be positive. She was upset as I was - we cried and cried and cried. All I wanted was her to live her life as she is a bubbly girl who enjoys going out. My wish for her was to have a termination, but obviously this was her decision. I did try everything in my power to do this but it took a long ten days before she made her decision to keep the baby. I was upset and angry after seeing her boyfriend in the street. I went into a blind rage, frightening myself as well as him, I think.

Since my daughter has made her decision, I cried a bit more, then we spoke and spoke sometimes until the early morning, I continued to ask her if she was sure and this is what she wanted. It was. Now 2 weeks have passed and I am able to talk about our forthcoming bundle of joy and love. We have just got the date for her first scan to which I am invited and ironically it is on my birthday when I will meet my 3rd grandchild for the first time when there will probably be tears of joy, and possibly guilt from me because of my initial reaction.

I hope this story helps some disappointed mums out there but, trust me, the heartache and pain does stop and then you can begin to plan for the new arrival and your relationship with your daughter will still be there with a bit extra love as well to give and receive from a grandchild which, as a grandma to 2, is a great experience.

Editor’s note: Thanks for telling us your story. It must have been a real shock to both of you but you have obviously adjusted well to this big change and are now preparing yourselves for what’s ahead. You don’t say much about where things are at with the father now – what are your thoughts about him now?

Your daughter has made a brave and positive decision – one she has made herself and one she knows she can live with. She's very fortunate to have your love and support too. Let us know when baby is born!

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