At 16 years of age I fell pregnant with my first son. He was born on the 8th of March 2005.

By anonymous on 22/08/2007
At 16 years of age I fell pregnant with my first son. He was born on the 8th of March 2005. A few months later, I fell pregnant with my second. He was born exactly one year and three days later on the 11th of march 2006 and just recently on the 21st of July 2007, I gave birth to my third child.

I'm only 19, nearly 20, and my partner is nearly 24. Quite often we get looks or have people make comments about our large family and how stupid we are and how we only had our kids for the money. But I think having three kids at the young age I am is the best thing I have ever done.

I'm attending a young mother's school that has an onsite creche so I’m getting my education and still get to spend time with my beautiful boys. I can’t say that it is all fun and games when I have them all crying at once (usually in the afternoon right around tea time). It can get very challenging. But as I sit watching my two eldest boys playing and my youngest sleeping peacefully in his rocker, I think it is the most wonderful experience I have ever done. I think that being a young parent is good if you go about it the right way. As long as you love your child then it will never matter what others have to say.

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…It’s great that you feel so positive about your situation and take time out to look at your children and see who they are with the eyes of your heart. We wish you every success in your education and as a parent.

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