19 year old receives fantastic support

By anonymous on 14/06/2006
When I was 19 I got drunk and slept with someone I had not known for very long. I discovered I was pregnant, but the person I had slept with was long gone. I tried to ignore what was happening and prayed and prayed that my period would start, it didn't. I moved down South to live with some friends and still tried to ignore that I was pregnant. When I was about 8 weeks pregnant I did a pregnancy test to confirm what I already knew.

My sister took me to the doctor's and the first thing he asked me was if I wanted an abortion. I didn't. I had grown up knowing that I would never take that option if I ever found myself in this situation. I went home in shock. Although I had known in my heart all along I was pregnant, having it confirmed had shocked me. That evening I called my parents to tell them the news. I expected them to be really disappointed in me but they took it really well. They asked me come back home so that they could take care of me. I told my house mates and they agreed I should go home. I went back home the next week. The months that followed were hard but my family were fantastic and supported me. I tried to contact the father of the baby but he could not be traced.

My mum was with me when I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I continued to live with my parents until my baby was 5 months old and then I decided I needed to take care of him by myself. I got a flat and moved out. It wasn't easy but it was something I needed to do. When my baby was 7 months old I met someone new. Later that year we got married and we will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary soon. We now have 3 children. We told our son when he was 8 about his biological father and he took the news really well. My husband adopted our son 2 years ago and we feel complete now.

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