I had just broken up with my violent boyfriend of 4 years.

I had just broken up with my violent boyfriend of 4 years. It was the best feeling in the world not having to live in fear any more. Soon after, I met the man of my dreams who asked me to marry him after just a month of being with him. I had never loved anyone as much so I said YES! Then we fell out and I didn’t speak to him for weeks. My love was still there for my ex boyfriend. I knew how much my ex boyfriend had hurt me but after one drunken night we slept together. Then I became pregnant and my ex boyfriend soon returned back to his violent ways! I wanted to be honest so I told my boyfriend I had cheated on him and we were finished. I know it’s my fault but I don’t want to be alone with a baby. The child needs his father but for my mistake I have lost the love of my life but maybe that’s what I get for cheating!

This story was sent in on 15/08/2006

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He says we are finished if I don’t get rid of our baby...

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It was the best decision I had ever made in my life.

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