Two days before Christmas, my girlfriend told me she was pregnant...

This is a long story. Two days before Christmas, my girlfriend (17) told me (20) she was pregnant - a shock, because we used protection. I asked her options and she said abortion was an idea, but expensive. She changed her mind, but doesn't believe it necessary to stop smoking or drinking, or start taking folic acid. I tried to have serious talks with her but she neglected the severity of preparing for an unplanned pregnancy. Three days later, one of my best friends offered a place for her to stay instead of having to move in with a psychotic drug-addict, and I thanked him. Half an hour later, he and my girlfriend were kissing, and he proclaimed it revenge against me because he secretly loved her. She promptly broke up with me and is now living with the traitor. She says I have to deal with this. I am currently at university, and by the time our baby is 1 year old, I will be 40,000 pounds in debt from university fees alone. She says I can see the baby as often as I want, but I don't trust her word. I have calmed down and am accepting as much responsibility as I can muster, and am continuing to do the right thing. However, the effects of all this are traumatic, and it's hard to know where to start when I need to do so much in order for things to be ok... Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your story…you sound really quite angry and frustrated, struggling with a sense of powerlessness in the face of these difficult circumstances that have suddenly exploded into your life. Things have changed hugely for you, haven’t they? And it all feels like a huge mess that you feel the urge to straighten out so that it can all be ok again. It would help you enormously to talk with someone about your situation. You can ring the helpline and talk to someone – if you prefer, at certain times, you can ring and talk to a man. Or visit a centre near you and talk with someone confidentially face to face.
This story was sent in on 02/01/2007

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