I'm 17 years old. I was abused most of my life by my step-dad.

I'm 17 years old. I was abused most of my life by my step-dad. My real dad drinks a lot so he was never around. I got emancipated and moved in with my boyfriend of a year and his parents. Two months later and on the depo-shot...I got pregnant! His dad took it better than I thought he would. My mom is very excited. His mom... excited as well. But my Dad...He isn't the easiest to talk to. Last time I was pregnant and lost it he called my pregnancy "self-abuse"! I feel as though I don't want to tell him!! But I know I'll have to. Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in… Sometimes it’s hard for dads to accept that their daughters are grown up – an unplanned pregnancy reminds them of that. Despite his lifestyle, he probably still wants what he thinks is best for you, even if he hurts you in the way he tells you! You are now surrounded by positive people – people who will support you with what’s ahead. Be confident.

This story was sent in on 20/03/2007

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