I'm 18 and a month pregnant

By anonymous on 15/08/2010
I'm 18 and I'm a month pregnant with my "kind of sort of" boyfriend's baby. I say 'kind of' because we had dated for a year, but we broke up so we could grow into stronger, better people apart.
Well, when we tried to be friends, old feelings got in the way and we slept together. He doesn't know yet; no one does. I know he would be very supportive; when we were dating we discussed what we would do if I ever did get pregnant.

He said he would want to marry me and take care of our baby.

But we're not dating anymore, so its hard to say if that is still what he wants. Either way, I have to tell him.
He's a good man and I know he'll help me raise the baby. I'm just scared he won't want to date me again and he'll find someone else. I still love him very much and I am definitely keeping the baby; I don't believe in abortion. I just hope we still have a chance to be together again and maybe a family. Wish me luck!

Editor's Comment

I hope you get on alright breaking the news. I'm sure it will be a shock at first but in the end it took two of you to make this baby so it is joint responsibility. It is always hard to have pressure like this in a relationship but I am sure you could make it work if you still love each other, and are committed to each other. It will be important to work out what support network you have and the benefits you maybe eligible for. Please contact the national helpline 0300 4000 999, or follow the link to find a centre for pregnancy support in your area.

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