I decided to keep my baby.

By anonymous on 26/04/2011
I am 17 years old studying A level maths,psychology and media studies, work at weekends, and have an amazing boyfriend (he's 21) who I live with.
We're renting a room at his mum's because I'm not close to my family and haven't been for ages.
We found out I was pregnant almost two months ago. At first I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't believe in abortions and have a very supportive boyfriend, but what about my education? It's important to me that I get a good career and what would my family and other people say about me?

I decided to keep my baby after a scare of a miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy

I'm glad I made that decision. Me and my boyfriend are sooo happy after having a 12 week scan yesterday and seeing our baby moving about.
My boyfriend told my dad yesterday and he was shocked. I have had mixed reactions from my family but I'm not close to them any way as well as mixed reactions from everyone else I know.
I may be pregnant at 17 but I'm not going to let that stop me having a career and going to do a diploma in accounting at college in the next school year so I can pursue my dream career as an accountant. Me and my partner might not be the most financially stable couple ever but we have each other and love each other very much. His mum is also very supportive.
People may judge me for being 17 and pregnant but that won't stop me from being a good mum to my child, young mums shouldn't be discriminated against a young mum doesn't mean a bad mum.

Editor's Comment

I admire you for holding onto your beliefs and choosing to be a mum despite the hardships. It will be hard work but rewarding if you are both commited to being parents, as well as working at your careers. I agree that age does not have to mean you cannot be good parents especially if you can get your partner's mum to support you. There are also lots of classes to learn good ways to parent. Make the most of everything that is available.

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