He told me to go for an abortion because he wasn't ready.

By anonymous on 31/07/2011
I found out I was pregnant over a month ago and that I was a month gone already.
I told my long term partner, who I have been with for two years. Straight away he told me to go for an abortion because he wasn't ready and didn't want it, and he will leave.

I'm so confused on what to do.

Part of me wants this baby then part of me doesn't as I'm only 17.
I work and go to college and have a lot going for me. He seems to blame it on me, as I do love seeing other babies and how cute they look, and because I said all that, that's how I got pregnant.
We should have been more careful but during two years nothing happened so he had a test to see if he could and now look.. It feels like it's my fault.
I booked into the doctors and they have refered me to the hospital but by that time I will be 11 weeks :/ don't know what to do..help

Editor's Comment

It sounds as though you have been worrying about whether you could conceive, and wondering why nothing has happened in 2 years. I presume you have not been using contraception at least for some of this time. Now it has actually happened it has come as a surprise, and at 17 you are perhaps wondering how you would cope with a baby, although you seem to be very maternal and would love to have a baby.
I think this is something you need to think through and explore. If you do consider continuing with the pregnancy, it would be good to work out where your support is going to come from. Your boyfriend is trying to pressurise you into an abortion by saying that he will leave, and that sounds quite a bad situation to be in. If you have an abortion to try and save the relationship you may find it doesn't work out, and he may leave anyway. This has to be a decision that you are happy with, and not one you feel forced into. If you would like some help and support as you are thinking through your decision, please call the national helpline 0300 4000 999 and they will put you in touch with a counsellor.

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