Could I be pregnant?

By anonymous on 23/04/2012
Could I Be Pregnant? I'm 16 & Really Wanna Have A Baby Me & My Bf Been Together For 3 Years Now & Are Good On Money & Wanna Live Together...

On April 5-12 April I Had My Period..
On April 14 & 15 I Had Unprotected Sex With Him & He Came Inside Me.

What Are My Chances On Me Being Pregnant??

Editor's Comment

If you have a regular 28 day cycle then the time that you are most likely to release an egg(ovulate)is around days 10 to 16 of your cycle. Sperm can live for about 5 days on average so it is possible to have fallen pregnant when you had unprotected sex. You are still quite young to start a family, so it would be good to think through whether you have enough support and if you want to do any further education. This is not impossible with a family and many women work round their family, but often need support to be able to do this. find a centre for pregnancy choices support in your area.

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